BraustilFrankfurt brewing art
from the Nordend

BrauStil is a manufacture for fine beer specialities in the heart of Frankfurt. Since January 2014, our production has been creating fine beers from raw materials of predominantly organic quality in varying varieties according to our own national and international styles, which enjoy great popularity beyond the city limits of Frankfurt and even abroad.

Our key points summarised:

  • open production (brewery)
  • traditional handcrafted production (manufactory)
  • highest quality of raw materials and end products
  • mainly organic and often regional ingredients
  • no filtration, no pasteurization, no stabilization
  • natural carbonic acid from the fermentation process
  • Beer as a nutritionally valuable foodstuff
  • regular change of regional, national and international styles
  • Brewery bar and shop
  • Involvement of the customer through events
  • sustainable operating policy

Freshly tapped for direct enjoyment, we offer our beers in 0.25l and 0.40l glasses.

We offer 0.33l and 0.75l bottles to take away only.

For us, sustainability is a self-image and basic attitude. Since our opening in 2014, we have been using mainly malt and hops in organic quality, for electricity we rely on genuine green electricity from LichtBlick.
We are happy to accept that this costs a little more, because in this way we can contribute a small part of our responsibility for our environment and thus society. We also support Slow Food’s idea of good, clean and fair food. Through our products you too have the opportunity to make a conscious decision.

Braustil – Frankfurter Braukunst

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In the bar and in the large, covered beer garden we serve freshly tapped beer specialities. In addition we serve small dishes / snacks in organic quality. Braustil is a beautiful and cosy place in Nordend and a wonderful meeting place for pleasant and pleasure-loving people.

Frankfurt brewing art from the Nordend