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Our current Taplist
  • Draft beer
NordEndIPA 0.25l/0.4l
Close your eyes and let your palate and aroma bring the summer back to mind. Tropical fruits dominate the taste buds, combined with black tea and fresh mint, and rounded out by light earthy flavors and a strong pine bitterness.
OC California 0.25l/0.4l
Our California Ale enriched with orange peels. What might we think of next? 🙂
Wit – Belgian Wheat 0.25l/0.4l
Also known as “Belgian” Wheat Beer, this style has unique characteristics created from the combination of yeast aromas, orange peels and coriander seeds.
Lumberjack 0.25l/0.4l
The Feldberg is calling..
A well balanced Pale Ale with light bitter notes of pine. Brewed and infused with fir and pine needles from the Vordertaunus.
Helles 0.25l/0.4l
Our absolute classic, the Bavarian with the Nordic touch
A classic of American history, slightly fruity notes, paired with roasted aromas.
Yuzu Style 0,25l/0,4l
Full-bodied, golden classic with a mild malty body and fresh citric notes from the Yuzu fruit.